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How to make online travel insurance, B Care

Travel insurance is one of the most important types of insurance that some may not resort to unless they are forced to do so by the country to which they are going, despite its role in preserving the traveler’s property and luggage and even protecting him from any possible danger.

Travel insurance is defined as an insurance form given to people who travel, so that it covers losses resulting from accidents that may occur to the traveler while traveling, including payment for any medical treatment, or loss of money and property while traveling.

We review with you steps of make travel insuranc

First step:

  • Log in to the site if you have a previous account in vehicle insurance by entering your registered email and password and clicking on login.
  • If you do not have an account on the site, choose to register and enter the required data:
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • Enter the email.
  • Enter your password and then click on Register.

Second step:

After registration, the main page will appear for you, and there are fields to fill in your data, the start date of the coverage and the date of the end of the coverage.

Third Step:

All the details of the insurance applicant will appear on this page, such as:

  • Birth month
  • Birth Year
  • Coverage area (all countries of the world, all countries of the world except America and Canada, Schengen countries)
  • Trip type (single, multiple)
  • Passport number
  • Passport Expiry Date

After the step of adding data to the insurance applicant, you can add companions in the policy and fill in his data to be added in your policy

Fourth step:

And then choose the icon to show the displayed offers, and all companies will appear with offers and prices

Through price quotations page, you can:

Sort the offers according to price, from lowest to highest, and vice versa.

Choose the additional benefits you want, according to the insurance company and its coverage.

Read terms and conditions.

Knowing the expiry date of the offer and the total value of the offer submitted to you by insurance companies in all transparency.

Modify the information entered by you.

Fifth step:

  • After selecting the appropriate offer, you can choose (Buy Now) icon and go to the payment page.
  • The invoice details and the complete data for your insurance will appear to you, and a declaration that must be approved in order to be paid will appear.
  • After verification, choose Pay Now icon.
  • You can pay in different ways (Visa – MasterCard – Sadad – Madi – American Express), after that you complete the payment data and upon successful completion of the process, the insurance policy will be sent to the email initially registered and you can view it within a few seconds through (Profile – valid documents).

B-Care wishes you a pleasant travel.



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