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Online medical insurance method for small and medium enterprises | BCare

You can currently insure your facility’s employees online through the Be Care platform easily and simply. You can view the offers for all companies and categories of medical insurance and choose the appropriate offer for you and your facility through the website or through BCare application for Android devices and iPhone, and this service is only available for small and medium enterprises.

We review with you the steps of making medical insurance for your facility :

Step 1 :

-Log in to the site if you have a previous account, by entering your registered email and password and clicking login

– If you do not have an account on the site, choose to register and enter the required data

-Enter the commercial registration number of the facility or its unified number

-Enter your mobile number
-Enter the email
-Enter your password and then click Register

Step 2 :

After registration, the main page will appear for you, where the company’s data will be located. If your facility has a tax number, it must be entered in the tax number field, and the data of the insured will also appear. Through the page, you can download the form of the insured or attach an excel file for the insured, and you can also add a new employee for the list or any subordinate to the employees.

On this page, all the data of the insured will appear, such as:

-The IP number of the computer number on which the employee is registered

-The gender of the insured employee
-The identity/residence number of the insured

-Social status
-Class of insurance

-His mobile number
-In the control box, you can add a subordinate to the employee – modify data – delete the employee

: Step 3

-You can add a group of employees by downloading and filling out the members’ form, and then attaching it by clicking on the Excel file attachment icon.

Step 4 :

-If the answers to the medical disclosure form are “no”, the cancel icon is clicked and the member will be moved to the right box entitled “There is no medical disclosure.”

In the event of a medical disclosure, the answer is selected “Yes” and the required attachment is added

-After answering the disclosure, the icon for acknowledging the validity and completeness of the information is selected

Then, choose the Show Offers icon that appears at the bottom of the page, and all companies will appear with offers and prices for your facility

Step 5:

Through the quotations page, you can:

-Arrange the offers according to price, from lowest to highest, and vice versa

View the details of the offer in the medical category

-Staff details

-List of service providers or medical network


-Know the expiry date of the offer and the total value of the offer submitted to you by insurance companies in all transparency

Step 6:

-After selecting the appropriate offer, you can choose the (Buy Now) icon and go to the payment page

-The bill details will appear for you, and after verification, choose the Pay Now icon

-You can pay in different ways (Visa – MasterCard – Sadad – Mada – American Express), followed by completing the payment data and upon successful completion of the process, the insurance policy will be sent to the email registered at the beginning and you can view it within a few seconds through (profile – valid documents)

Finally, you can view a lot of information through the options icon at the top of the page on the right, by choosing Profile.

-Facility information: It shows the facility’s data

-Notifications: where alerts appear, such as when creating a ticket and submitting a request, the ticket data and information about it appear

-Quotations: In the Quotations field, the offer price submitted by the insurance company appears after the process of adding a worker or dependents to the insurance policy, in addition to the time specified for the offer and it ends during the period shown on the page

-My statistics: it shows (number of documents – number of valid documents – number of expired documents – quotations – invoices – requests for amendment))

-Valid documents: through this icon, you can view and print the facility’s valid medical insurance policy

-Technical support: through the technical support icon, you can submit a ticket according to the problem you face, such as:

1- Connecting an employee to the Health Insurance Council, bearing in mind that linking to the Health Insurance Council takes from one to 3 working days.

2- Inability to download and print the medical insurance policy.

3- Issuance of a medical insurance policy.

4- The national address.

5- If you face another problem, you can choose (other) and write the problem that you face with all attachments to clarify the request.

Change password: through it, the account holder can change the password for the account by entering the current password, then entering the new password, confirming it, and choosing the edit icon.

.BCare clients are such a centrepiece


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