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The method to file a complaint to SAMA | Saudi Central Bank

Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) is the Central Bank of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which maintains monetary and financial stability in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, furthermore, supporting balanced and sustainable economic growth through its excellence in performing many tasks.

Duties of the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia Include:

1- To perform government banking business.

2- To carry out coinage and print the national currency (SAR), supporting the Saudi currency, consolidating and stabilizing its internal and external value, furthermore, strengthening the currency coverage.

3- To manage the Kingdom’s foreign exchange reserves.

4- To manage monetary policy to maintain price and exchange rate stability.

5- To encourage the growth of the financial system and ensure its integrity.

6- To supervise commercial banks and those engaged in currency exchange.

7- To supervise cooperative insurance companies and insurance-related liberal professions companies.

8- To supervise finance companies.

9- To supervise credit information companies.

In its efforts to protect its clients, the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) allows clients, insurance companies and finance companies to submit a complaint to the Saudi Central through the Customer Protection Department, by submitting online tickets, as the method will be explained below. :

– Go to SAMA website and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Choose the complaints icon and click on it.

The complaints page shall then appear with several options (phone – website – visit the customer service center – correspondence via the address of SAMA, several choices will appear at the bottom of the websiteBanks complaint.

1- Insurance company complaints.

2- Finance company complaints.

3- Complaint Inquiry.

4- Banks complaint.

– Choose the desired entity from the options.

– Login and enter the data required to enter such as (User’s ID – password).

– If there is no previously registered account, choose sign up and enter the required data such as (type of ID – ID number – date and year of birth) and then enter the verification code and choose the next icon.

– Your data will appear and then complete the entry of your required data such as (mobile number – email – city – mail box – zip code – preferred language to use – password)

– Click on save icon, and then the confirmation icon.

– You will receive a text message on your mobile number contains an activation code to be entered on the site to activate your account.

– Log in after creating a new account, your page will appear with requests (all requests – active requests – action requests – delayed requests – closed requests)

– Choose Add New Order.

– Choosing the party to submit an application for (insurance companies – banks – financial technology companies – finance companies).

– Click on the product options shown by sector.

– Now, you can now write a description of your request and add the required data (financial authority – classification – reference number of the financial authority – writing the subject – you can upload pictures of the problem you face).

– Click on the send icon after completing all the procedures.

– You will receive a text message on the registered mobile number to open a new request with your ticket number and provide you with the time for handling the report.

Customer complaints tickets and suggestions will be considered by the support team at SAMA with all seriously and professionally.

SAMA cares about you.



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