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Settlement regulations for insurance disputes and violations

What is the meaning of the settlement regulations for insurance disputes and violations ?

It is a Control System for Cooperative Insurance Companies issued under Royal Decree No. (M/32) dated 2/6/1424 AH and amended by Royal Decree No. (M/30) dated 27/05/1434 AH and executive regulations, controlling regulations and instructions issued by SAMA.

?What is the jurisdiction of the settlement committees of insurance disputes and violations

– All disputes arising from insurance agreements, including those between insurance companies and their customers and beneficiaries of insurance coverage, or between these companies and others in the event that they replace the insured.

– Disputes between insurance companies and reinsurance companies or between each of them, or disputes between these companies and practitioners of liberal professions related to insurance activity.

– Violations committed by insurance and reinsurance companies or any of these two activities arising from the application of the system, and the imposition of fines stipulated in Article (Twenty-One) of the Cooperative Insurance Companies Control Act.

– Violations of self-employed persons referred to in Article (18) of the Cooperative Insurance Companies Control Law.

What is the role of the Committees General Secretariat?

It is to perform the administrative, organizational and technical tasks necessary to manage claims for insurance disputes and violations:

– Carryout administrative work and conducting research, studies and support consultations.

To register cases and requests for appeals, their arrangement and numbering, seizures, correspondence, appointments and communications.

– To propose conciliation procedures, provided that they are supplied by the Minister.

– To organize the work of the Primary Committees and the Appeal Committee and assuming the duties of its secretariat.

– To edit decisions and handing the same over to the parties to the claims.

To classify the decisions issued by the committees in preparation for their publication.

To make annual statistics on the committees’ work, decisions and litigation periods.

To express views on the request of other relevant authorities regarding draft regulations and laws related to regulating the insurance sector.

To perform any other procedure that falls within its tasks, as determined by the ministerial decree.

Do the committees of insurance disputes and violations settlement belong to SAMA or any other entity?

Such committees enjoy complete independence in carrying out their tasks of adjudicating insurance disputes and violations:

– Committees are excluded from the third section of the executive work mechanism of the judiciary system and the system of the Board of Grievances.

– The Council of Ministers issues the rules and procedures for the work of the committees.

– Primary committees shall be formed under a resolution of the Council of Ministers for a period of three years, subject to renewal.

– The appellate committee shall be formed under royal decree for a renewable period of three years.

 Who are the parties entitled to file insurance disputes and violations claims before the committees?

The following parties shall have the right to file insurance disputes and violations claims, provided that you have the capacity or interest necessary to file claims:

– Insurance and reinsurance companies.

Customers of Insurance companies (insured).

– Owners and self-employed persons associated with insurance activities.

– Related parties, such as beneficiaries of various insurance coverages.

– Parties to the claim before the committees from employees who are named by a decision of SAMA Governor or whomever he authorizes to do so in insurance violations claims.

How should claims be filed for insurance disputes and violations before the general secretariat of the committees? What are the documents that should be attached to the claim?

This can be done through the (E-services) portal on the website of the General Secretariat of the Insurance Committees, the required documents may also differ according to insurance, but the following mandatory documents should be available in all cases in general:

1- Fill out the complete data of the claimant on the one hand (full name – profession – place of residence – contact numbers).

2- The full name of the defendant and the contact means and place of residence.

3- A copy of the national ID – the resident identity card (for non-Saudis).

4- A copy of the C.R. (in case the plaintiff is a legal person – companies / associations … etc.).

5- Fill in the data of the agent / or lawyer on the one hand (full name – profession – place of residence – contact numbers) and if the claimant is a
legitimate agent (non-lawyer), he must fulfill the conditions set forth in Article (18) of the legal system and its executive regulations.

6- A copy of the lawyer’s license card (in case the agent is a lawyer).

7- A copy of the official power of attorney (in case the applicant is an agent and/or a lawyer).

8- A copy of the national identity of the agent or lawyer.

9- A response from the defendant or what indicates the filing of a claim, pursuant to article III, section IV, of the Rules of the settlement committees of insurance disputes and violations in the case of the defendant as an insurance company.

How to contact the Committees General Secretariat?

Free Number: 8001240042

website (



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