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You can now insure your car online with ease through the B-Care insurance platform. The insurance service by inquiring and comparing offers and prices (23) insurance companies easily through the application on mobile phones, desktop computers or others, by following “4 steps” that take a few minutes Only..

Step 1

  • Choose the type of insurance (renewal or transfer of ownership)
  • Enter the identity of the owner (individual or establishment), and
  • The serial number as in the form for renewal, or enter the customs number as in the customs card
  • Determine the start date of the insurance
  • Enter the verification and follow-up code and click on “I accept the right to grant the query”
  • Show the offers

Step 2

The vehicle value, which is the estimated value of the vehicle, and the update, has been made in detail about the vehicle pricing methods in this subject: Methods for knowing the insurance price

Promotional programs (special discounts for employees of some private and government entities) which can be activated by entering a work email or through the profile, In the event that the insurance is with an establishment ID number (700), the main driver ID number (used in the form) is entered

In the event that you want to add an additional driver in the document, click on the icon after the phrase “Do you want to add an additional driver”, considering that the third party insurance includes any driver aged 18 and over who holds a valid driver’s license which is necessary for comprehensive insurance. An additional driver is obligated to be added in order for the insurance to include the second driver added with insurance coverage.

Step 3

Offers page

The vehicle data appears at the top of the page, the vehicle type, the model, and the vehicle plate numbers and letters. Najm discount eligibility (1 year = 10%) and increases annually up to 60%. It is possible to know the Najm discount eligibility percentage through the Najm website: INSURANCE DISCOUNT ELIGIBILITY

All the offers of the available insurance companies is showed and it is possible to choose between the type of coverage against third parties and the comprehensive type and the type of repair in which there is an agency or certified workshops

In each offer of the insurance company for third-party coverage appears: details of discounts, total insurance price, assessment of the speed of connection to the Najm system, additional benefits that can be added to insurance coverage with additional fees if desired, and the terms and conditions of the insurance company

In each offer of the insurance company for comprehensive coverage appears: in the additional benefits (added coverage that can be added against additional fees) and the amount of charge, which is the amount paid by the insurance applicant in the event of an accident to be repaired according to the choice in the agency or the workshops which approve the terms and conditions of the insurance company and the value of the vehicle

Upon selecting the most appropriate insurance offer, click on Buy Now

After selecting the most appropriate insurance company offer, click on Buy Now and a window shall appear to log into the account or register a new account by entering (email and mobile number)

Step 4

Payment page

The data of the insurance applicant will appear, the starting and ending date of insurance, and the serial or customs number of the vehicle, as well as entering the required data (mobile number, IBAN and email) that are related to the identity number of the insurance applicant in B-care, as per the decision of the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia that each identity has a mobile number, e-mail and IBAN.

Attach photos of the vehicle from all required parties (using the mobile for direct photography or uploading the vehicle photos from the mobile)

Click on the acknowledgments

The most suitable payment method between Mada, Sadad, Apple Pay, Visa and American Express

After the payment is completed, the document is issued immediately.

B-Care is clear and fast


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